Lamar Hunt Open Cup at VE on Sept 23

Lamar Hunt Open Cup at VE on Sept 23


   Warminster, Pa - US Soccer has released its first round pairings for this year’s Lamar Hunt Qualifying and VE has been draw with West Chester United.  VE who won EPSA's USASA Open Cup last season and advanced to the Regional semi-final will host last year’s USASA Amateur Cup Champion who advances all the way to the national final in that completion before falling to the Milwaukee Bavarian's in Wisconsin.  

    "Any time you are awarded a home game in Lamar Hunt qualifying it's a big deal and I know we will make this a great  day at the club and the club with make this into a great event," said head coach Rob Oldfield.  "It's a very difficult first round draw for both teams.  The winner will use it gain momentum and hopefully go on a deep cup run."

    VE and West Chester faced each other three times last season with West Chester getting the better of VE in both USL games and winning the League with VE runner up.  In the cups however VE eliminated West Chester from the Open Cup.  All three matches were we played, exciting and tight affairs.  VE last qualified for the Lamar Hunt proper in 2002 while West Chester used the new qualifying format to gain their first and only qualification in 2015.  

    In other local play the Ukrainian Nationals will host UGH.  For all of the first round match ups see the US Soccer press release below.